Our approach

Our approach to artists

We have always been recognised for our role in developing illustrators and have discovered and launched the careers of some of the best unpublished artists to hit the scene in recent years.


As agents, we see it as our responsibility to give help, encouragement and direction to our artists and the Bright Group exists to do just that. We influence and encourage our illustrators on the direction of their careers – helping them to tailor their work to the needs of the market, without losing touch with their creative personality.


Above all, we listen to our artists – some desperately want exclusive card ranges, others are financially driven or solely work on beautiful patterns, whereas some just want to paint flowers! Whatever direction our artists want to take we work tirelessly to help them achieve their aims and find the right work from the right clients. If this means working directly with them to create the perfect portfolio pieces to win a particular commission, then our in-house art director is on hand to help. Our creative team closely monitor trends and supply our artists with mood boards which help us keep ahead of the game, we are constantly working with our artists to create new and exciting ideas that will capture the imagination of art buyers worldwide. Our extensive knowledge of the industry allows us to be the most widely used art licensing agency in the world, whether it be charity greetings cards, boutique ranges or gallery prints.

The Bright Group is also available to help established artists looking for a change in direction – many artists who have already enjoyed a successful career may look to follow a different creative path and when that happens, we are right behind them. We have resurrected big name artists and re-launched them with new styles and pseudonyms. We have been able to triple the income of established professionals by seizing opportunities that may exist outside that artist’s main creative channel. For example, we have helped a stationary artist move into decorative gift books, and moved a top picture-book artist into children’s packaging and clothing ranges.

New Artists

Whether you are just starting out, or are at the peak of your career, the Bright Group is here to help and guide you. We work with and for our artists and that’s why we have been able to deliver the most creative results in artist representation that the greetings and stationary market has seen in recent years.


Karen Mace – The Art File

“ The Art File have dealt with Bright Art Licencing now for eight years and have had great success with the artists that we have chosen”

Jackie Collins – Cherry Orchard Publishing

“Representing some of the most innovative and commercial artists in the industry, Bright Art and her team continually deliver not only exceptional designs but this is coupled with an exceptionally professional and articulate service .

Long may our partnership continue!”

Gillian Flint (Artist)

“Bright are just amazing! They are always there ready with opportunities, advise and inspiration. They are honest, open and friendly and have created a wonderful community for all their artists. They endlessly encourage and support me and it’s wonderful to know I can develop my work with their guidance and help. They have worked wonders for me and with them my work has come on leaps and bounds. With them anything is possible!”

Lola (Artist)

“The Bright group how to describe them………Amazing the best EVER to work with! They really do care and the evolution that they have taken me on with my art work is phenomenal. I really don’t know what i would have done with out them.”

Meet the team



Managing Director & Founder

Vicki is the founder and the engine that powers Bright; her enthusiasm is infectious and she is passionate and believes in everyone involved in The Bright Group. She is straightforward to work with, direct and good fun. She loves what she does and Bright is her creative playground. Bright is where Vicki makes things happen.



Art Licensing Agent

Hannah Curtis - With over 6 years experience in Art Licensing and with a brilliant creative eye, Hannah has worked directly with the largest publishing houses worldwide, as well as small design teams & award winning artists.

With extensive knowledge of the Greetings & Stationery industry, Hannah is hoping to help find and develop new greetings card artists and develop Bright’s wonderful catalogue of existing artists.

Hannah has an art degree and an art & framing background and has also worked with some of the largest print & canvas customers worldwide, she is keen to follow trends & pour knowledge into creating ranges for clients.



Credit Controller

Lulu is working closely with the accounts team to ensure that payments are received on time and that the accounts systems are in good order. She is also enjoying developing and implementing the credit control procedures. After giving birth to two beautiful babies she has come back to the Bright team with a fully committed heart and is devoted to the children's publishing and Art Licensing worlds.



Head of Security

It's quite remarkable how much Monty looks like a moving soft toy, not so remarkable when you realise he was found in the toy department of Hamleys, was sprinkled with magic dust and came alive. Monty's pack leader Vicki appointed him head of security after he showed a keen interest in the buzzer and visitors. He prowls bins, snores in the office and sleeps with his legs in the air.